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5 Things That Set Our Kansas Pharmacy Apart

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January 9, 2024

If you are looking for a pharmacy that goes above and beyond for its patients and provides a different kind of pharmacy experience when compared to big retail chain pharmacies, Washington Health and Drug is the perfect option for you. Here at our Kansas pharmacy, we are dedicated to providing solutions for our patients as well as making your pharmacy experience as convenient and easy as possible. Here are some of the top things that set our Kansas pharmacy apart from other places:

1. Local Ownership

Unlike large retail chain pharmacies that are disconnected from the communities they serve, our Kansas pharmacy is locally owned. We are part of your community, so we genuinely care about the wellbeing of everyone who walks through our doors. Our owners are involved in the community by serving on multiple community boards and help to provide school supplies for grades K-6 in all of the schools in our county. Here at Washington Health and Drug, we are personally invested in the wellbeing of the people who call our area home!

2. Custom Care Options

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If you are tired of standardized, generic care options, you will be in luck at our Kansas pharmacy. We know that your health needs are unique, which is why your treatment options should be as well. Our custom compounded medication services allow our patients to receive the exact treatments that are best for them, considering ingredients, dosage form, and other factors. These custom compounded medications are made specifically for you, which gives them the best chance to work well. Additionally, we still offer all the services you would expect at a traditional pharmacy, allowing you to take care of all your needs in one place!

3. Patients are the Priority

Here at our Kansas pharmacy, our priority is always our patients. That’s why we offer programs such as Med Sync to ensure that all of your medications can be picked up on one day each month. Forget about taking lots of trips to the pharmacy and instead come to enjoy the convenience that we offer here at our Kansas pharmacy.

4. Dedicated and Expert Staff

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We believe that having a strong and dedicated team of pharmacists and technicians is vital to providing customers with the highest level of care and service. Our pharmacists and technicians are always happy to work with you to understand your specific health needs, provide expert recommendations, and help you monitor progress. Don’t settle for anything less than the expert care you can receive at Washington Health and Drug!

5. High Quality Supplements

In addition to the great services we offer here at our Kansas pharmacy, we also carry a line of high quality supplement products to help meet your health needs. Whether you are looking to boost a certain aspect of your health or ensure that you are getting enough of a key nutrient, our supplements can be ideal options.

As you can see, our Kansas pharmacy is dedicated to providing everything our patients need in order to live their best lives and achieve their health goals. Don’t settle for the basic care of retail chain pharmacies and instead take full advantage of everything that we have to offer here at Washington Health and Drug! Reach out to our team here at our Kansas pharmacy today to get started.