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Top 7 Supplies for Diabetics You Should Have at Home

man using blood lancet to prick finger
April 14, 2023

It doesn’t matter if you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, there are some things you should keep in your home for your medical needs. From test strips to glucose tablets, there is a wide variety of items that would be beneficial to have on hand. Here are the top 7 supplies for diabetics you should have at home:

1. Glucose Meter

woman using glucose meter to test glucose levels

If you’re a diabetic, you probably need to keep up with where your blood sugar levels are at throughout the day. The most important thing you should have is a glucose meter. These are portable electric devices that measure the glucose levels in your blood to make sure it is not too low or too high.

2. Blood Lancets

In order to use the meter properly, you’ll also need to pick up a blood lancet, an instrument that pricks the skin to release blood. You will want to use a new one every time you need to prick your finger. They come in a pack with several lancets.

3. Diabetic Test Strips

In addition to the glucose meter and blood lancets, you will need diabetic test strips. You’ll place the blood on your finger on the test drips and feed it into the glucose meter to get an accurate reading. These are essential supplies for diabetics you should have on hand.

4. Ketone Test Strips

ketone test strips

Diabetic test strips aren’t the only kind of strips you should have if you or a loved one is a diabetic. You should also get ketone test strips. These strips are used to test urine to see if you have high ketone levels. If ketone levels are high, it means that your body doesn’t have enough insulin to use sugar, and it starts to break down fat for energy instead.

5. Glucose Tablets

Sometimes blood sugar levels fall too low in diabetics. When this happens, you need something to bring your sugar up quickly. Glucose tablets are a great option to bring glucose levels back to a normal level.

6. Glucagon

In addition to glucose pills, you may also want to have glucagon at home. If your blood sugar gets too low and you lose consciousness, you need someone else to give you a shot of glucagon. This hormone makes your liver release stored glucose into your bloodstream.

7. Medical Alert Bracelet

woman pushing button on medical alert bracelet

All of these supplies for diabetics are great options, but to prepare for a worst case scenario, you also may want to get a medical alert bracelet. This is beneficial if you’re ever in an accident and are unconscious. It helps paramedics and doctors treat you and know that you have diabetes. They typically include information like if you take insulin, types of allergies, and an emergency contact.

Anyone who has diabetes will benefit from having these items at home where they are easily accessible. You don’t want to have a need for any of them and not be readily available. Do you need to pick up these supplies for diabetics? Come by our pharmacy and grab quite a few of these items on this list so you’re better prepared!