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How Do You Use CBD Oil?

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February 15, 2023

We’ve all heard about CBD (cannabidiol) by now. But what is it exactly? CBD is a chemical compound that has been extracted from the leaves and flowers of a hemp plant. It is mixed with a carrier oil and used for a variety of health reasons and concerns. But what are you supposed to do with the oil exactly? That’s what we are here to tell you! Learn how do you use CBD oil and what it is typically used for here:

How Do You Use CBD Oil?

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There are a variety of ways you can use CBD oil. A common way to take it is to find the oil in a glass bottle with a dropper, and place the oil directly under your tongue. You’ll hold the oil there for a minute before you swallow. You have hundreds of capillaries under your tongue, so it will be absorbed into the bloodstream quicker when you place the oil here.

While some people enjoy taking CBD this way, others may find the flavor unpleasant or want to mask it. If you’d prefer not to taste the oil at all, you can always add it to your drinks, like coffee, tea, juice, or smoothies, or you can put it on or in certain foods. You are able to bake with the oil, so you can make CBD cookies or brownies if you want!

If you have a specific lotion you like to use every day, then you can always mix your CBD oil in with it as well for topical use!

What Do You Use CBD For?

People use CBD for several reasons. Here are some of the top things people use CBD for:


How Much CBD Oil Should I Use?

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The answer to how much CBD you should use will be different for every person. Starting out, you should take a few drops to see how you tolerate it. If your body responds well, you can add more to your regular routine. Start with 5 mg once a day, and you can slowly increase over the next few weeks. Just be sure to stay under 70 mg per day and using more than 50 mg per day is likely throwing your money away. Not every person responds to it but we have had great luck with it.

When will I see results?


Regardless of what kind of probiotic you use, you’re probably wondering how long it will take to see the effects. It often takes a couple of weeks to repopulate your gut lining, so don’t expect results in the first couple of days. Start with a low dose to avoid an upset stomach and increase gradually, especially if your stomach is already unsettled.

Who Shouldn’t Use CBD Oil?

There are a few groups of people who should avoid using CBD oil. Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid CBD usage. This supplement can also interfere with important medications. Let us know your current medications if you don’t get them from us and we can do a free interaction check.

Now you know how you use CBD oil, the benefits, and more about this popular supplement. Do you think you might benefit from incorporating CBD oil into your daily regime and it is safe for you to do so? Contact us to see what CBD oils we have available for you to try!